Urban Vision’s Property Team oversees successful build of the new Deans Primary School

Urban Vision’s Property Team has been successful in project managing the design and build of a brand new flexible and ‘future-proof’ building to house Deans Primary School.

Urban Vision provided multi-disciplinary services that allowed the ethos and identity of the school to be retained, whilst also benefitting the local community during the school’s relocation.

As well as project managing the design and build, Urban Vision also completed the principal design, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as cost management advice, which helped to transform the old school building that was deemed confined and unsuitable for future expansion into a usable space that promotes interaction and varied activities.

All classrooms in the new school building are located either side of a wide ‘learning mall’ which allows for flexible group breakout spaces and caters for creative activities such as art, baking, small group and one-to-one learning.

Early Years and Key Stage One are accommodated on the ground floor for easy access to their own external play spaces. The nursery area, with its own entrance, has a larger classroom inclusive of toilet/hand wash facilities that are easily supervised.

Key Stage Two is located on the first floor, importantly with its own dedicated feature entrance, where there is a sense of calmness, an abundance of roof lights and a larger ‘learning mall’ to cater for the variety of teaching activities as the children move through the school.

Craig Monaghan, from Salford City Council’s Children’s Services, School Organisation Team said:

“We are very pleased to accept the new Deans School provision.  It will be another great facility to help meet our rapidly expanding pupil population and will hopefully provide great learning opportunities for our children and young people for generations to come.

Thanks to all those involved in the hard work to bring this school through inception to delivery in the tight timescales involved.”