Urban Vision team up with St. Paul’s Primary School to design soft landscaping for Cross Lane works

Works to carry out highway improvements to Cross Lane in Pendleton commenced last September.

The works follow on from the Cross Lane South scheme completed at the end of 2016, which consisted of refurbishment of footways, traffic signage, road markings and the shared on-street cycle facilities, as well as improvements to bus stops and new landscaping.

Urban Vision and Salford Council liaised with St Paul’s Primary School on Cross Lane during the design process and prior to the works beginning on site.

As part of the Council and Urban Vision’s commitment to Social Value and community engagement, the school were asked whether they wanted to involve some of their pupils in some part of the works.

As there were elements of soft landscaping within the project, this was selected as the most suitable aspect of the project for the pupils to participate in.

Originally it was proposed that the pupils were to help out on some of the bulb planting within the highway landscape areas. However, to allow the children more opportunity to monitor and appreciate the bulbs as they grow, it was decided that the planting would be carried out within the school grounds in existing planters.

George Cox & Sons – the main contractor for the works and their Landscape sub-contractor in Landscape Engineering – provided trowels, children’s high visibility waistcoats and name tags for the planting session which was carried out last December.

Two children from each year group planted a selection of bulbs and put their name tags by the side of them, allowing them to tend to the bulbs as they bloom in the spring.

A local resident said:

“I’d just like to say how well the regeneration of the Cross Lane / Churchill Way pavement, planting, road markings etc is coming along. It’s a massive change to the area and has brightened it up considerably.”