Urban Vision supports Salford City Council with its Digital Eagles programme

Urban Vision are committed to the Salford Council Digital Eagles scheme and currently have three members of staff in the scheme with plans to introduce more to Cohert 3.

In January, Urban Vision made a pledge at the Digital Salford event to make Digital Champions within the work place.

The great thing about this pledge and the Digital Eagles programme is that you don’t have to be IT savvy, just having a willingness to help others in the work place to be safer and comfortable online.

There are seven modules to the programme that give all the relevant training to become a mentor. The modules include aspects such as ‘digi safe’ which raises awareness of your privacy online and how to keep yourself better protected.

There’s also a module on ‘transacting online’ which shows eagles how to help people access their pay slip or pay council tax online.

The programme aims to get as many Salford residents as possible online and surfing safely. Also, Digital Eagles would like to ensure that residents who may not have been confident online before can gain a bit of independence.

This can include a number of aspects, such as shopping online, skyping relatives abroad or even checking football scores and fixtures! The aim is to make everyone feel digitally included and Urban Vision are proud to support this scheme.

Tim Cook, Trading Standards Officer at Salford City Council, is a proud Digital Eagle and said:

“I am pleased to be a Salford Digital Eagle because as a group we are working together to improve the digital skills of people in Salford.  We are supporting the digital transformation of Salford City Council whilst improving lives by equipping and supporting people to enjoy the benefits of the digital world. Another Eagle and I shared the benefits of the Barclays Digital Wings platform with 60 people at a Salford Jobs Fair; we spoke to a college leader, a job centre manager, work coaches, job seekers and refugees.”

“Amongst the people we spoke to, there was interest in understanding how to use a computer and the internet, how to use social media safely, improving job prospects through improved digital skills and knowledge, and discovering community groups on social media platforms.”

Dawn Kanes, Salford Digital Eagle Leader and OD Business Partner at Salford City Council said:

“We are extremely happy to be working with our partner organisation Urban Vision. Welcoming more Salford Digital Eagles from Urban Vision in to our programme ultimately means we are one step closer to helping our employees and the residents of Salford to become comfortable and confident online.”

If you’d like to find out more about the programme, please click here.