Urban Vision partners with City of Trees

Urban Vision is pleased to announce that they are now partners with Manchester City of Trees.

In a bid to make Salford greener, the partnership supports both Urban Vision and City of Trees in delivering a ‘green vision’ with the City of Salford.

The organisation was initiated by The Oglesby Charitable Trust and the Community Forest Trust, a charitable organisation supporting City of Tree’s and similar initiatives across Northern England.

One goal of City of Trees is to plant 3,000,000 trees within a generation, one for every man, woman and child across Greater Manchester. To date, 232 – 668 trees have been planted, including 333 street trees planted, 68 orchards and almost 224 hectares of woodland managed.

Urban Vision is looking forward to adding to those numbers as well as working in partnership with City of Trees to make Salford greener and more environmentally conscious.