Spotlight on… Urban Vision’s Building Control Resilience Team

The building control resilience team operates across the whole of the UK, find out more about them below:


What is your team responsible for?

Our team provides capacity and expertise support to local authority building control departments across the UK. We’ve found that local authority building control departments are specifically coming under more and more strain as government requirements for building safety and housing delivery increases but staffing levels and expertise within council building control teams are reducing.

It’s no secret that experienced building control staff are also leaving to work for Approved Inspector organisations and due to a national shortage in building control expertise, Councils are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit.

As a result, many local authorities are struggling to meet their building control statutory requirements and also have a large backlog of building control applications from local residents and developers.

Describe a typical day for the team

There are many different scenarios we get involved with. A recent example is the work we completed for Lancaster City Council. Their Building Control department were experiencing resourcing issues due to a large number of staff leaving to join Approved Inspector organisations. Our Building Control experts worked alongside the Council’s existing Building Control team to ensure all new and outstanding plan checks and site inspections were completed to the required high standards and within performance targets.

Another example is where our officers worked with Luton Borough Council to review the Council’s building control procedures and practices. We identified and implemented solutions that provided instant service improvements and efficiencies. We also work side by side with the Council’s building control team to provide additional capacity and expertise and help clear the backlog of building control related work.

What is the proudest moment for your team in 2017/2018?

It’s mainly seeing how our work is helping to improve the performance of local authority building control departments but at the same time improving the morale of Council building control teams, as workloads are more manageable and we are also able to provide mentoring and training to up-skill staff which helps them with career development and performance.

A key achievement we’re also proud of is before introducing our resilience service, Luton Council had a 9 month application checking backlog. Now our resilience service is in place, 65% of plans are checked within 10 days with further improvement forecasted ahead.

Tell us something that people may not know about the team?

Our IT platform is compliant with the majority of local authority systems. This allows local authorities to ‘turn on/turn off’ remote resilience support as required with ease and flexibility