Providing a permit scheme for Peterborough City Council

To help with the delivery of Peterborough City Council’s network management duty, Urban Vision’s Street Works Team have been responsible for developing a permit scheme to assist with management of activity on public highways and help with minimal disruption from street and highway works.

Peterborough City Council recognised the importance of a permit scheme; due in part to the success stories from neighbouring authorities, in particular Cambridgeshire County Council.

Introducing a permit scheme means any organisation, such as utility companies, contractors and highway engineers are legally obliged to obtain and in some cases pay for a permit from the Council before any works can start on a highway.

Our Street Works Team are in the process of supporting the introduction of a permit scheme to Peterborough Council in early 2019 to ensure that network impacts are minimised, members of the public are better informed and work can be executed effectively and efficiently.

Services provided by Urban Vision include:

  • Development of the scheme itself to comply with all associated regulations
  • Public consultation and responses
  • Upgrading and implementing appropriate IT systems
  • Training and development
  • Support through authority governance processes
  • Go-live support

In order to guarantee that the Council’s objectives continue to be met, Urban Vision developed a cost benefit analysis and evaluated the long and short term impacts of the permit scheme.

The benefits for Peterborough Council having a permit scheme in place include generating revenue for the Council to pay for this improved network management duty, having better control over the works taking place in the city and improved working relationships with undertakers.