Minerals, waste and energy planning

Our minerals, waste and energy planning service provides specialist development management and policy planning support, dedicated to local authority service delivery.

Our highly qualified and experienced team can deliver a range of strategic and bespoke minerals and waste related projects of all sizes and complexities across the UK and can also bring extra capacity and capability to your existing teams.

We offer a flexible approach and can tailor our services around the needs of your specific project. This means we can support your project from start to finish or and focus delivery on you specific needs.

We offer a full range of skills, which includes:

  • Processing minerals, waste and renewable energy planning applications.
  • Acting as lead case officer in the determination of planning applications which could  include:

– Preparing and reviewing EIA Screening and scoping opinions
– Reviewing planning applications and Environmental Statements
– Responding to requests for information and general enquiries on behalf of districts
– Analysing letters of representation
– Providing  an expert analysis of the planning application against National and Local minerals and/or waste planning policy
– Presenting to Planning Committees

  • Providing expert witness support in relation to planning appeals.
  • Planning policy support, which includes:
    – Development plan document management, preparation and policy writing
    – Evidence base support for waste needs assessments and/or minerals resource studies
    – Compliance with the duty to cooperate
    – Plan monitoring
    – Development of Supplementary Planning Documents
    – Preparation of Local Aggregate Assessments
    – Local Plan examination support
    – Providing  programme officer support
  • Minerals and waste site monitoring, which includes:

– Monitoring of planning conditions for quarry and landfill sites
– Preparation of site monitoring reports
– Pursuing enforcement action where necessary

  • Site assessment and appraisal
  • Equality Impact Assessments for Local Plans