Planning & building control

Local residents

Urban Vision delivers planning and building control services on behalf of Salford City Council.

Our services include:

 Development Management

• Processing of pre-applications and planning applications

• Planning enforcement

• Management support

• Planning appeal service to public and private sector

Planning policy

• Preparing an evidence base for and writing planning policy

• Management Support

• Sustainability Appraisals and  Environmental Assessments

Planning consultancy

• The submission of planning applications

• Negotiations on all types of planning applications

• Systems diagnostics

• Staff placements into other organisations, to assist in planning

delivery and project management

• Urban design

 Minerals, waste and energy planning

• Advising the Greater Manchester authorities on all minerals and waste matters

• Quarry inspections

• Processing planning applications for energy development such as wind turbines

• Supporting the development of minerals and waste plans

• Representing authorities and clients on appeal including public inquiries

Building control

• Helping developers, designers andproperty owners comply with building standards

• Design appraisal and site inspections

• Structural and fire engineering appraisals

• 24-hour response to reports of dangerous buildings

• Assessments of public safety at sports grounds

• Securing open and derelict property

• Management of demolition projects

• Party wall surveys

• Access surveys

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