Improving road safety awareness in Salford

Urban Vision’s Road Safety Team, working in partnership with Salford City Council, have been successful in delivering various road safety awareness sessions to young people in schools across Salford.

Starting with the ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ programme, over 10,000 primary school pupils in Salford have been given the ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ training since the programme began in 2016. The road safety team have been extremely busy visiting Salford schools armed with the key equipment and advice to help pupils understand what they need to do to ‘Be Safe and Be Seen’ on Salford’s roads.

What’s great is that the team are now delivering these sessions to nursery and reception aged children, to make sure that this essential training is delivered as early as possible.

As well as the successful ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ programme, the team have also delivered:

  • Theatre and education sessions to 1,245 high school age children, teaching them how to be safer on the roads in Salford.
  • Advising the older road user on safer places to cross the road.
  • Delivered Bikeability training to 897 pupils across 36 schools in Salford, giving them the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on Salford roads safely. The team plan to teach and support 170 more pupils before the end of March 2018 on their bike safety skills.

Pupils taking part in the Bikeability course have been trained in either Level 1 or 2 cycling with 73 children having taken part in a ‘Bikeability Fix’ course, aimed to teach pupils how to maintain their bikes properly before they begin their cycle training.

Levels 1 and 2 are aimed at the less experienced cyclists to prepare them for cycling on quieter side roads, however Urban Vision have also delivered level 3 cycling sessions for older teenagers and adults, taking place on busier commuter routes to school or work.

Barry Pilkington, Partnership Director at Urban Vision says:

“Working with Salford City Council, one of Urban Vision’s key priorities is to keep Salford pupils safe on our roads and to improve road awareness. The team are privileged to be leading and supporting this important work and are doing a fantastic job in educating young people across Salford. Congratulations to all involved.”

Councillor Derek Antrobus, Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development, said:

“The number of those killed or seriously injured on Salford’s streets has fallen by a third in the last decade thanks to the great work of our road safety team. 

“The numbers for children have come down faster. When I was appointed to lead on road safety, we had 25 a year killed or seriously injured. That is now down by two-thirds to eight. We need to get the message home to every new generation. These initiatives are vital to maintaining that downwards trend.”