Street works

Statutory undertakers (utility companies), local authorities and licensed contractors often need to carry out street works on the local authority highway network.

When works are undertaken on the public highway without coordination with the council there can be significant disruption caused to the road network. This leads to increased congestion and journey times, and frustrated road users, residents and local businesses.

In addition to this problem, if a utility company fails to complete their reinstatement to the required standard it can cause unnecessary potholes and other defects within the highway. This leaves the road in a poor condition and in an unsafe state which ends up being very costly to the council as they have to foot the bill for the repair in later years. It also means further disruption to the road users when further avoidable repairs have to be completed in the future.

Our service solutions:

Download our street works brochures below which provide full details of our street works services.

         Coring         Inspections and defect management         Permitting

By delivering the above services our teams will ensure that utility companies are effectively, efficiently and accurately working on your highway. This will result in fewer potholes and other highway defects; less traffic disruption through unnecessary and uncoordinated road works; financial savings as well as income generation for your local authority; and an improved reputation for the Council with residents and commuters