How Green Infrastructure is enhancing the aesthetic, the health and the function of the external environment

Daniel Sterry, Urban Vision’s Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Group Leader, discusses the importance of implementing Green Infrastructure into the external environment.

“Climatic conditions are challenging the way we perceive and approach the design of the external environment however opportunities exist all around us where we can implement elements of green infrastructure. From central reservations through to major new developments that will both positively impact the aesthetic, the health and the function of an area.

It’s truly amazing what benefits can be gained from making simple design decisions for existing spaces and new development sites. Whilst most people know that trees provide the oxygen we breathe the added benefits do so much more, from flood and surface water management, place making and liveability, sustainable maintenance and all the associated health benefits.

Who wouldn’t want to walk down a road with an avenue of trees with the added knowledge that they’re intercepting pollutants and particulate matter, improving the water quality through natural filtration, increasing the biodiversity and property values in an area whilst also assisting in the reduction of stress through an improved environment for exercise that will in turn assist in improving mental health?

That is winning through tree planting and sustainable drainage!

It’s our duty to change the perception of this truly beneficial system.  It’s not just tree planting that is part of the outdoor space to make it green and pretty, it’s tree planting that is integral to the way we live, the way we work, the way we travel and that is a vital part of the built environment.

It’s an exciting time to be designing and reigniting the external environment through this collaborative and dynamic approach. By creating awareness and understanding of Green Infrastructure and SuDS, it is more likely that investment will be more forthcoming and the exciting opportunities and enhancements will benefit people, place and the environment.

At its most basic level, through planting trees with the associated infrastructure and implementing a more environmentally friendly way of saving wastewater from running into sewers or onto highways, you are almost instantly making an impact on climate change.”

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