New Bailey Rain Garden and SuDS Scheme

On behalf of Salford City Council, Urban Vision’s Highways Team were tasked with the delivery of the ‘Salford Central Masterplan’. The ‘New Bailey’ element of the Salford Central Masterplan was to support the westward expansion of the city centre Central Business District over the River Irwell and into Salford for the first time.

The environment of New Bailey Gateway was previously dominated by road and was both visually unattractive and physically poor. Our collaborative Green Infrastructure team were given the task of implementing Sustainable Urban Drainage including a rain garden to change the emphasis to an environment that is far more visually attractive and pedestrian friendly.

 What we did

Our Green Infrastructure Team created a 45 metre long tree trench that incorporated bespoke tree infrastructure.

Drainage from the highways and footways around the area flow directly into the trench and tailored natural stone was built into the surrounding kerbs, allowing water to feed into the rain garden. A specialist soil within the trench was specifically created for green infrastructure, including Bio Char – a highly porous form of charcoal that improves water retention and nutrient efficiency and acts as a host for beneficial soil microbes.

Interpretive paving was used to indicate the water direction from the highways and footways into the trench.

List of services provided by Urban Vision included:

Landscape Architecture
Drainage Engineering
Highway Engineering
CDM services
Quantity surveying
Street Lighting Design
Traffic and Transportation – Highway regulation

The outcome:

Adding greenery and interpretive paving has improved the overall aesthetic of New Bailey Gateway.

Download the PDF version of this case study.