Minerals and waste needs assessment for Kirklees Council

Kirklees Council required a detailed minerals and waste needs assessment to ensure they set out clear minerals and waste policies for their district. As the Council did not house this specific expertise in-house and also required an independent study, they commissioned our minerals and waste team to support them with this activity.


Kirklees Council required an assessment of waste treatment and landfill capacity in Kirklees to identify any capacity shortages in meeting the district’s waste management requirements to the year 2031. The Council also needed to be compliant with the requirements of the European Union’s Waste Framework Directive and relevant UK legislation and waste planning policy.

In addition the Council required support in developing the baseline evidence on minerals in Kirklees to support the policy approach in the new Local Plan which would guide future minerals development in the district.

What we did

Waste Assessment

Our team provided forecasts of waste usage, current management capacity and projected future waste growth that was robust, transparent, and based on the most accurate and up-to-date information available. In addition to providing interim and final reports documenting the results of the analysis, we also provided the Council with a bespoke model for calculating waste needs that can be used in the future when new information about waste usage or capacity becomes available. The team also developed a waste capacity database that included information on all existing waste sites in Kirklees and the capacity, end dates and any other relevant information.

In addition, we also developed a methodology for identifying and assessing new waste sites which the authority could use when working on its site allocations document and undertook an assessment of cross boundary movements of waste to assist with meeting the requirements of Duty to Co-operate.

Minerals Assessment

Our team were required to provide a robust and sound evidence base for the minerals policy for the new Kirklees Local Plan. This involved preparing a suite of evidence based documents that included: a paper looking at the minerals supply in Kirklees; a draft methodology for identifying and assessing minerals sites; a report setting out the methodology for identifying a Mineral Safeguarding Area including draft policies for the Local Plan; a paper on minerals site restoration including draft policies for the Local Plan; and a paper on oil and gas extraction, again including a draft policy on this subject.

The outcome

Kirklees Council were provided with an up to date and robust evidence base for the development of policies within their Local Plan on Minerals and Waste. This meant that the authority were able to have all the information they needed to make a local decision on which option best met their minerals and waste needs going forward.