Delivering road safety audits to the Eccles Metrolink line

Due to the expansion of the Manchester Metrolink tram line to Eccles, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) commissioned Urban Vision’s road safety audit team to complete a stage 4 road safety audit on the section of the tram line that intersected with the adopted highway.

Metrolink had concerns over some locations along the Eccles Line and requested a safety audit and design recommendations from our team.

What we did:

Prior to any remedial works starting on site, our road safety audit team produced a full collision analysis report which identified road safety concerns along with a list of recommendations for TfGM to action before works commenced, to ensure the maximum safety of various sites around the Metrolink line.

The findings from this investigation identified a number of areas where potential collisions were already or could take place if safety measures were not put in place.

The team developed bespoke signage to highlight to road users (cyclists on the highway especially) the intersecting tram line running across the highway.

Services Urban Vision provided:

  • Desktop reporting
  • Site visits
  • Collision investigation
  • Road safety engineering – design recommendations

The outcome:

Reduced the risk to cyclists due to improved signage on road running adjacent to Metrolink line.

After our road safety audit team reported a number of recommendations, Metrolink will be undertaking regular monitoring of the line to minimise risks to other road users.

Did you know that the Eccles line had never before had a stage four safety audit, which takes place after 12-13 months after project completion, as this stage of the audit did not exist when works first began on the expansion.

To download the PDF of this case study, please see here