Designing and delivering a safer cycle lane on Carpino Place

Our multidisciplinary team consisting of landscape architects, road safety advisors, quantity surveyors, project managers and highway engineers, designed and delivered a high quality public space, in partnership with Salford City Council, on Carpino Place in Salford, which includes a safe cycle lane linking to other cycle routes across the city.

Carpino Place was chosen for this development so new residents are able to come and go from their houses with more ease and to encourage more use of the cycle path overall.

Oldfield Road, where Carpino Place is situated, is a key element of the cycle network, connecting the University of Salford with Manchester City Centre and the Manchester Universities.

The project was delivered on behalf of English Cities Fund, Salford City Council’s development partner for the Salford Central area, as part of the Carpino Place residential development scheme.

What we did:

The team designed and delivered the new cycle lane which was re-routed behind the bus stop on Oldfield Road to avoid conflict between buses and cyclists. For safer access to and from Carpino Place and the surrounding area, pedestrian crossing points were also created.

The design work also included the installation of street furniture in the form of cycle stands, bollards, a litter bin and a bus shelter and incorporates high quality paving to complement the existing public realm around the war memorial on the Oldfield Road and Chapel Street junction.

The team also added rain gardens  into the cycleway design which absorbs the flow of rain water that would usually run off the cycle lane into the sewer, alleviating the pressure of flooding during heavy rainfall.

A list of services Urban Vision provided included:

Landscape architecture
Drainage engineering
Highway engineering
CDM services
Quantity surveying
Street lighting design
Traffic and transportation – highway regulation
Design and supervision of the hard and soft landscape

The outcome:

Residents and commuters who live and travel through Carpino Place are now able to enjoy safer cycling and pedestrian environments.

The scheme was shortlisted for ‘Excellence in Cycling and Walking’ at the National Transport Awards 2018.

To download the PDF of this case study, please see here