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From time to time, statutory undertakers will carry out repair works on our roads, such as replacing or repairing a water pipe or gas main. Before work commences, undertakers are required to serve notice on the highway authority. This is not a permission, but is a coordination tool to allow the highway authority to coordinate the execution of the works.

After the works are complete, it’s the responsibility of the statutory undertaker to reinstate the highway to industry standard specifications. If reinstatements aren’t repaired to the correct standard, over time defects such as potholes may start to form. Not only can this be dangerous for pedestrians and motorists, but this will potentially cost Salford City Council money to repair these defects in the future.

To help prevent this from happening and to ensure that statutory undertakers are repairing our highways to the correct standard, Salford City Council have employed Urban Vision to provide a Street Works Management Service to monitor and assess the quality of reinstatement work carried out on Salford’s network.

Statutory undertakers carry out approximately 9000 excavations and associated works per annum in Salford and despite improvements in technology and materials they still consistently fail to achieve the minimum standards of reinstatement. Most authorities will inspect a minimum 30% of these works in order to assess the workmanship of statutory undertakers and associated contractors.

Urban Vision‘s Street Works Management Service provides a diligent and rigorous inspection process, which results in cost savings, additional revenue and significant service improvements for Salford City Council.

We inspect 100% of these works, and take core samples to prove deficiencies in the reinstatement. This produces an average 75% deficiency detection. Statutory Undertakers are fined for every defect identified and are required to rectify it, thereby ensuring all reinstatements are eventually completed to the required quality and industry standard specifications.

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