Planning and Building Control

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Urban Vision’s Planning, Development and Building Control Service ensures that our clients development schemes throughout England and Wales comply with Planning Policy & Building Regulations, at both a design and construction stage.

Recognising that the creation of sustainable communities can only be achieved through the support of quality planning services, we offer a range of collaborative support service solutions that are focussed on the achievement of your scheme objectives.

Planning (Development Management & Policy)
Urban Vision have an established relationship with all the leading bodies concerning the development of the built environment. We conduct both a public and private sector service reviewing national and local planning policy and strategies in connection with individual projects.

Our Services:
• The submission of planning applications
• Processing of pre-applications and planning applications
• Negotiations on all types of planning applications
• Preparing an evidence base for and writing planning policy
• Enforcement
• Management Support
• Systems Diagnostics
• Staff placements into organisations, to assist in planning delivery and project management
• Sustainability Appraisals and Strategic Environmental Assessments
• Heritage Planning
• Urban Design
• Travel Planning
• Minerals, Waste & Energy Planning

  • Building Control
    We all expect our buildings to provide us with a safe and healthy place to live and work. Our Building Control Service offers a practical, common sense approach to building standards – offering support to maximise financial and design certainty at the earliest possible stage of any building project.

Our Services:
• Helping developers, designers and property owners comply with Building Standards
• Design Appraisal and Site Inspections
• Structural and Fire Engineering Appraisals
• Sustainability advice and assisting clients to achieve carbon emission targets for new developments
• 24-hour response to reports of dangerous buildings
• Assessments of public safety at sports grounds
• Securing Open and Derelict Property
• Management of Demolition Projects
• Party Wall Surveys
• Access Surveys
• Management and Operational Support

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