Highway Maintenance

Stuart Whittle - Tel: 0161 603 4038 -

Our highway maintenance experts provide a comprehensive range of routine, reactive and planned activities to maintain public and private sector street scenes and highway networks.

In accordance with the Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance Management, our experienced team carries out all aspects of highways maintenance, from major structural works to day-to-day repairs and the refurbishing of worn out roads.

Our Services Include:
• Highway Inspections (Safety, NRSWA and routine highway, bridge & street lighting)
• Street Lighting Repairs
• Drainage Works
• Gully Cleaning and Septic Waste Removal & Disposal
• Road Resurfacing and Surface Dressing
• Designing, procuring and supervising major and minor highway maintenance and improvement schemes
• Responding to emergency highway incidents
• Overseeing winter maintenance operations
• Administering and defending third party claims
• Managing delegated statutory duties, such as issuing skip, scaffold and access permits
• Providing advice on and administering planning applications and Traffic Regulation Orders
• Overseeing and approving highway related works for private developers in accordance with Sections 38 and 278 of the Highways Act 1980

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