Helping to make student’s journeys safer

Urban Vision’s Road Safety team, working with Salford City Council and Transport for Greater Manchester,  have recently been attending High Schools across Salford to deliver transition events designed to help students make their journey to school as safe as possible as they move from primary to secondary school.

Safety workshops have taken place in the form of both day events with students and evening events with parents. These form part of a joint project with Urban Vision and Salford City Council after traffic and casualty data suggested that more road collisions take place in September, when students are starting school.

Each workshop consisted of road safety presentations, resource stands to facilitate discussions with students and parents about travelling to school, help with route planning and advice on how to stay safe on the way to school.

Students were also given magazines and reflective zip pulls to add to their clothing and bags so that they are easier to spot on dark winter mornings and evenings.

These sessions, which have already taken place at the majority of secondary schools across Salford, have proved to be a great success. Alex Bulmer, Sustainable Transport Planner at Urban Vision said: ‘The transition events are really helpful for students. They make the travel change from primary school to secondary school, when students are often travelling on their own for the first time by an unfamiliar route, a less worrying concept.  Not only do students now seem more at ease, but they are aware of the best routes to take to avoid putting themselves in danger.’

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